About Us

With all of the negativity these days: cursing, bipartisan animosity, social injustice, intolerance … – its time we set all of that aside and become more positive and get into a habit of sending out positive vibes to the important people in our life. Many studies have shown that more positive a person is the healthier they are. With Blezz we have embarked on a journey to explore all the ways possible to make positivity happen in our highly connected digital world.

The current release of the Blezz App makes it possible to share special sayings, quotes, words of encouragement, praise … with the person or groups in your thoughts. Scroll through various quotes, blessings , and sayings to find the perfect way to say what you’re thinking an send it instantaneously, anywhere, anytime. Add your own personal touch with a recorded message.

This is only a beginning of a longer journey for us as we bring out new ways of spreading positivity intuitively, automatically in novel ways. Stay tuned

Gandhi poetically said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Begin that change by sending a Blezz to a friend neighbor, or family member or strangers.